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Acupressure Meridians - A Visual Guide for Students & Practitioners

Acupressure Meridians - A Visual Guide for Students & Practitioners

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This Acupressure Meridian video is a fantastic resource for those visual learners looking to quickly and easily memorize the 14 main meridian pathways.  The video covers the meridians in the following order:

* Central Vessel Meridian

* Governing Vessel Meridian

* Stomach Meridian

* Spleen Meridian

* Heart Meridian

* Small Intestine Meridian

* Bladder Meridian

* Kidney Meridian

* Pericardium Meridian

* Triple Heater Meridian

* Gallbladder Meridian

* Liver Meridian

* Lung Meridian

* Large Intestine Meridian

The videos start on the first point of each channel and move to the end point of each channel, clearly showing the pathways, the acupressure points and the direction the energy flows within each channel.

Total video time 00:07:40

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