Winner of the 2021 - 'Republic of Ireland Prestige Award - Best in Holistic Health Products'

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Welcome to Holistic Health Products Ltd. 

Winner of the 2021 - 'Republic of Ireland Prestige Award - Best in Holistic Health Products'

"Your Health is in Your Hands"


Holistic Health Products Ltd. is an Irish based company whose mission is to help customers across the world achieve the best physical, mental & emotional health possible.  We are committed to serving you, our customer with high quality products that we are passionate about.


Annette Reilly is an Internationally Accredited Writer & Researcher - A No.1 Amazon Best Selling Author - Udemy Best Selling Instructor - Kinesiologist & Acupressure Expert with almost 30 years experience in the area of health and fitness.

Annette is a mother to 3 beautiful children and she's managed to juggle the roles of busy parent with successful career woman wonderfully because she understands the importance of 'self care' and taking breaks when necessary to help her 'refresh and recharge'.  This wisdom led to the development of her unique '5 Element Acupressure Massage Rings™'.

A past pupil of the Institute of health sciences, she gained expertise in many different subjects such as Chemistry, Biochemistry & Nutrition, Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology to name but a few.

This experience alongside her passion for Kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Nutrition led her on the path of writing and teaching a wide variety of courses on these subjects for health and wellbeing.

In August 2015 she gained International Recognition for these courses with IICT – The International Institute for Complementary Therapists.  Annette’s courses have been published on multiple online platforms where she now has 50,000+ students in 173 countries, so she’s really taking her passion and the world by storm!

In 2019, Annette taught in person classes in Ireland, Budapest, Brisbane, Melbourne and on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia!

 In 2020, Annette decided to build upon her expertise in the health industry by creating and launching her very successful company, Holistic Health Products Ltd. the same company that went on to win the 2021 'Republic of Ireland Prestige Award - Best in Holistic Health Products'

Internationally Accredited Online Acupressure Courses

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