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Collection: Acupressure for Physical, Mental & Emotional Health eBook

Acupressure for Physical, Mental & Emotional Health

This eBook has been created for students of 'All Levels' who are interested in learning some really powerful, yet simple Acupressure techniques to help bring about optimum Physical, Mental and Emotional Health.

The eBook teaches students how to defuse the following feelings:

Shocked, Panicked, Offended, Worried, Apprehensive, Can't Sleep, Stressed, Inner Turmoil, Tense, Frustration, Fearful, Scared, Broken Hearted, Insecure, Lonely, Rejected, Ashamed, Grief, Guilty, Angry, Resentful, Jealous, Irritable, Sad, Tearful, Despair, Gloomy, Exhaustion, Confused, Foolish, Dizzy, Stubborn, Can't Let Go, Stuck, Obstinate, Timid, Self Doubt or Nervous...

The eBook also teaches students how to:

*Improve skin tone and clear acne, distended capillaries and red, blotchy skin

*Clear heat from the face to help with hot flushes

*Release stuck feelings such as Depression

*Relieve all kinds of allergies such as headaches, hay fever, sneezing and itching

*Alleviate all types of body pain

*Reduce digestive complaints such as constipation, diarrhoea and nausea

*Balance the internal organs and calm the spirit

*Regulate the heart for all types of issues such as palpitations and high blood pressure

*Relieve all types of Physical, Mental and Emotional Imbalances and much, much more

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