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Boost Your Immune System Naturally eBook

Boost Your Immune System Naturally eBook

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Learn How to Boost Immunity, Increase Energy, Enhance Brain Function, Strengthen your Respiratory System and much more...

In this eBook I share with you my all time favourite techniques for helping to defuse stress and boost immunity.

These are the techniques that I’ve been using daily with my own family to keep us safe and healthy during this time and I do hope you’ll find them useful too!

Our immune system is designed to protect our bodies from infection by fighting foreign invaders such as viruses and harmful bacteria as well as cancer.

However, excessive stress as many of us are dealing with now more so than ever wreaks havoc on our immune systems by affecting our thymus gland.  This gland manufactures white blood cells called t-cells which help to regulate immunity and also produces various immune related hormones.

The stress reaction diverts resources to the main parts of the body that need to deal with stress, mainly the brain, heart and muscles.

Other systems are then deprived of resources, including our immune systems.  Hormones produced by the adrenal glands can cause the thymus to shrink and also degrade the activity of the white blood cells, causing damage to the body’s ability to fight infection.  As a result, high levels of stress can result in reduced resistance to common infections such as colds and flu.

As this book focuses on specific techniques that help to defuse stress levels, strengthen your thymus gland and overall immunity and much, much more...working your way through it should definitely be high up on your list of things to get stuck into during these uncertain times.

Immune Boosting Tip 1 - The Healing Hug

Immune Boosting Tip 2 - Harmonizing the Body's Energy Flow

Immune Boosting Tip 3 - 4 Holds to Enhance Your Immune System

Immune Boosting Tip 4 - Thumb & Ring Finger Holds & Benefits

Immune Boosting Tip 5 - Finger Power Point - Breathing Freely

Immune Boosting Tip 6 - Spleen Meridian Flush & Trace

Immune Boosting Tip 7 - Lung Meridian Flush & Trace

Immune Boosting Tip 8 - Lung 1 Hug

Immune Boosting Tip 9 - Neurolymphatic Reflex Points - Brain

Immune Boosting Tip 10 - E.S.R - Emotional Stress Release Points

Immune Boosting Tip 11 - Kidney 27 (Ki27) Points

Immune Boosting Tip 12 - Thymus Point

Immune Boosting Tip 13 - Central Vessel 17 (CV17) - Sea of Qi Point

Immune Boosting Tip 14 - Spleen 21 (Sp21) Points

Immune Boosting Tip 15 - Stomach Function Energy Pattern

Immune Boosting Tip 16 - Spleen Function Energy Pattern

Immune Boosting Tip 17 - Lung Function Energy Pattern

Immune Boosting Tip 18 - Large Intestine Function Energy Pattern

Immune Boosting Tip 19 - Cross Crawl

Immune Boosting Tip 20 - Restore Calm & Relieve Chest Congestion

Immune Boosting Tip 21 - E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Immune Boosting Tip 22 - Strengthening Your Spleen Meridian

Immune Boosting Tip 23 - Sedating Your Triple Warmer Meridian

Immune Boosting Tip 24 - Neurolymphatic Points - Adrenal Glands

Immune Boosting Tip 25 - Triple Warmer/Spleen Hug

Immune Boosting Tip 26 - Complete Balance

Immune Boosting Tip 27 - Protecting Your Organs

Immune Boosting Tip 28 - Support, Balance & Regenerate the Immune System

Immune Boosting Tip 29 - Phlegm/Mucous Clear

Immune Boosting Tip 30 - Smile (Often!) :-)


*eBook - 45+ Pages