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Collection: Acupressure Masterclass Series eBooks 1 to 10

This masterclass book series covers specific Acupressure points that can be used to treat the most common conditions associated with each of the body's systems:

1. The Circulatory System

2. The Digestive System

3. The Endocrine System

4. The Integumentary (Skin System)

5. The Lymph/Immune System

6. The Musculoskeletal System

7. The Nervous System

8. The Reproductive System

9. The Respiratory System

10. The Urinary System

Each book is approximately 40 pages long and has newly added clear and concise colour images to help you quickly and clearly locate each specific acupressure point in order to assist you with performing the treatment.

An email with a download link to each book will be sent across to you upon purchase.

All books are available in pdf format.

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