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Collection: 5 Element Acupressure Massage Rings™

The 5 Element Acupressure Massage Rings™ are Your Solution to Stress!

According to an ancient Eastern healing art dating back more than 3,000 years, each of our fingers are associated with 2 specific organs/systems within the human body and you can help to release blockages of energy that may be causing physical symptoms within those organs/systems by applying pressure to each of your fingers with the unique set of 5 Element Acupressure Massage Rings™ that are exclusively available from Holistic Health Products Ltd.

Additionally, as each of our organs are associated with multiple functions and certain emotions, working on these organs by applying pressure on the fingers with the 5 Element Acupressure Massage Rings™ you can assist with not only improving the overall function of your organs/systems but you can also help to defuse the primary emotions associated with each one.

Once you've made your purchase you'll receive an email with a link to a free downloadable booklet that goes into more detail about the 5 elements in nature, how they work to support and nurture one other, the primary emotions and organs associated with each element and additional benefits you can receive from working with the 5 Element Acupressure Massage Rings™ on specific fingers.  


5 Element Acupressure Massage Rings™ Benefits

Free Informational Digital Booklet Available with Every Purchase.

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